GBB Hair Extension Training and Education Seminar

There are 4 different Education Seminars to fit different needs and Wants

No.2 GBB Double Tape Extension Class

If you have been in extension business, for example, you have learned the classic way - Fusion Extensions, and want to learn new technique - Double Tape Extensions, This class just fits what you want, and you will have amazing experience with this new technique- Quicker application and hair is reusable Double-Tape Extensions will make you more competitive.


1. GBB Color Ring with 50 colors
2. Keratine bond Remover
3. 2 pack of Double-Tap Extensions
4. Detangling Brush
5. Tail comb
6. One Roll of Tape
7. Double-Tape Extension DVD
8. 4 pc set of Hair Clips
9. Posters
10. Information Folder with Catalog and Training Manual
11. Extension Starter kit Bag
12. GBB Hair Extension Certificate


For Double-Tape and I-tip Extension Starter Kits, mannequin Head is Optional - you can bring your model or add-on Manniquin. If you bring your own model, you can choose the colour of hair extension you like and add more hair to your starter kit to fit your model's need and want.

Certificates will be offerred at the end of the class

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