Weft Hair Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions

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The best Weft hair extensions from GBB Hair

A weft hair extension is essentially a collection of hair strands sewed onto a very thin cloth strip that is ready for your stylist to incorporate into your hair. But there are other ways that the hair can attach to that strip. Some will be manually stitched while others will be machine stitched. Although one may be more suitable for you than the other, depending on your hair type, both have their advantages.

As an illustration, hand-tied wefts are a little more delicate. They are significantly lighter but cannot be trimmed. However, you can cut machine-sewn wefts, although they are heavier and frequently thicker at the seam.

The "weft" was first developed by afro hairdressers, who first made cornrows around the scalp before sewing the weft to the cornrows. Because it is a very sustainable and natural fitting procedure that doesn't require adhesive or heat, this inventive fitting approach is becoming more and more popular with hair extension salons. Technically, hair wefts are made for salon professionals who apply a partial or full head of hair extensions to salon customers using a variety of semi-permanent fitting techniques.

Why are GBB Hair Weft hair extensions the best?

Weft extensions are superior to alternative solutions for a variety of reasons. The GBB Hair staff has received training in applying and styling weft hair extensions, and we love doing it for our clients! The outcomes are always fantastic. However, in case you require a little more persuasion, listed below are a few factors that make weft hair extensions superior to others:

100% Natural Remy Weft hair extension

When done properly, weft hair extensions look perfectly natural because they sit extremely close to the scalp. No one would know you have extensions, even if you had to wear an up-style.

Quick and easy-to-use weft hair extension

The weft hair extension makes it easy for you to try a new color or style. Weft hair extensions are our favorite since they allow you to experiment with new hairstyles without committing to a permanent cut or color. Whatever the event is, there are no issues. Weft hair extensions offer a flexible style without over-dyeing your hair. If you want to try out a new appearance but aren't quite ready to commit to a long-term change, this is a fantastic alternative.


There are several thickness levels that weft extensions can offer. Beaded weft extensions can be selected, tailored, and styled to meet your unique requirements for length and thickness. Spend some time perusing several looks and deciding on your ideal appearance before visiting Autumn Markley Salon in Fort Lauderdale. Then, our skilled team of expert stylists will add extensions that complement both the texture of your existing hair and an excellent compromise on the hair thickness you're aiming for.

little or no hair damage

The degree to which hair extensions will harm natural locks is a fear shared by many women. Without the use of chemicals or heat, weft hair extensions are sewed into your natural hair. Beads are used to secure some wefts, which could harm hair that is a little thinner. Although they won't harm your natural hair, sewn-in wefts are the best option for most hair types.

Care Instructions for Weft Hair Extensions

Carefully untangle.

The first step in keeping weft hair extensions is to keep your hair clear of tangles. Use a loop brush or wide-tooth comb to detangle any knots before you wash your hair or go to bed. A loop brush features bristles that are looped, which are considerably kinder to extensions. Begin brushing your extensions at the ends and work your way up. Try not to pull the extensions out or give them an uneven appearance by applying too much tension.

Use the curling iron later rather than now.

It's advised to avoid heat styling for the first few days after installing your weft hair extensions. For a few days, refrain from even tying your hair back. The extensions may come out if you tug on them too soon after installation, which causes this.

Take caution when using that conditioner.

When conditioning your hair, only condition your hair below the roots and the stitched portion of your weft hair extensions. Don’t use conditioners excessively, which may make your extensions slip.

Completely dry your hair.

Now that you have extensions, you'll have a lot more hair to dry. Ensure that your hair is completely dry before adding extensions to prevent this from happening. Before drying and styling, you should always use a heat protection spray.

You should get a silk scarf.

Before going to bed, firmly, but gently, wrap a silk scarf around your hair. This will shield your hair extensions and aid in preventing frizz. Put your hair up in a loose ponytail if you don't have a scarf handy.

Stay away from sulfate products.

The shampoo you put on your hair won't be just any shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are required for use with hair extensions. Use mild pressure and a circular motion to massage your hair after washing it. Avoid rubbing your roots and avoid the sewn-in area.

How to fix Weft hair extensions

Machine-stitched wefts are typically sewn onto a track. These tracks can be stitched together to form additional layers. Weft hair extensions can be sewed together in three to four layers, and they are often stitched together in a double layer. Hair stylists prefer double- or triple-layered stitched wefts because they enable quick and accurate installation. Customers who want their hair to appear fuller sometimes choose double and triple stitching.

This is a fantastic choice if your hair is ordinary to thick. However, a single track is usually the best choice if you have thin hair. These tracks are often attached using silicone beads or thread that has been sewn into a braid.

A hand-tied weft has the hair tied into it by hand (not sewn). The most common type is machine stitched since it can be produced more quickly and inexpensively. Pricing for machine weft bundles is higher since this hair must be two inches longer than the finished product. The additional two inches are manually knotted together, one knot at a time, to create the weft.

Because the "track," or top of the weave, is so thin, they have grown in popularity. They provide a natural appearance without being bulky because they are flat, flexible, and close to the client's scalp. Because of this, they are also more pleasurable to wear and touch.

They are never stringy or sparse and have a complete, blunt border, akin to tape-in hair extensions.

In addition, the term "hand-tied extensions" describes a technique for attaching a hair weft or "curtain" to human hair. Before implanting silicone beads, a hair stylist would typically build a silicone bead foundation on the client's natural hair.

The stylist will next stitch the weft to the beaded foundation. securing the weft to the fabric.

How to remove Weft hair extensions

It is best to remove your weft hair extension with the help of someone. However, if you live alone and don't have access to help, you will need to use your sense of touch to take out sew-in weft hair extensions.

You might need small scissors, a mirror, clips to hold the hair back, and a garbage can if you have a complete or partial sew-in and your hair has grown out.

Then clip every bit of your natural hair out of the path to prevent nicking it. Then, slowly use your scissors to cut the thread, not the actual hair weft, that is tied to it.

To make sure you are only cutting the thread once you reach the rear, you will either need to use a mirror to see or a weft-feeling too. You will be left with the braid down once you have entirely removed the extensions. Depending on the method used by your hairstylist, it's likely that she sewed the hanging braids together with thread, fed your hair into the subsequent braid, or crocheted the braids together. You must locate the end braid and begin unbraiding.

Who are Weft hair extensions for?

Anyone can wear Weft hair extensions. Make an appointment for a consultation with a qualified stylist if you're still unsure about whether weft hair extensions are the best option for you. This will allow you to assess your selections while also considering your natural hair, lifestyle, and preferences. If you are unfamiliar with the world of hair extensions, it is important to seek professional advice. It guarantees that you only buy high-quality extensions that are durable and‌ gorgeous.

Where to buy Weft hair extensions

GBB Hair sells the best weft hair extensions online. You can visit‌ our salon so we can assist you shop. Don't be hesitant to give our weft hair extensions a try if you want to change up your appearance and add length without committing or spending a lot of money.

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