Tape In Extensions

Tape In Extensions

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  • 14'' GBB Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

    14'' GBB Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

  • 18'' GBB Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

    18'' GBB Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

  • 22'' GBB Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

    22'' GBB Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

  • 24'' GBB Tape In Extensions -100% first Grade Remy Hair  - 4pcs per pack

    24'' GBB Tape In Extensions -100% first Grade Remy Hair - 4pcs per pack

  • 18-20'' Rooted Tape In Extensions

    18-20'' Rooted Tape In Extensions

  • 22-24'' Rooted Tape In Extensions

    22-24'' Rooted Tape In Extensions

  • 24-26'' Rooted Tape In Extensions

    24-26'' Rooted Tape In Extensions

  • 16-18'' GBB Ombre Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

    16-18'' GBB Ombre Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

  • 20-22'' GBB Ombre Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

    20-22'' GBB Ombre Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

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200 per page

9 Item(s)

The best Tape In hair extensions from GBB Hair

Tape In hair extensions give women what they want: full, long, and beautiful hair in a flash! Are you among the classy women who love elegant hair but don't want to spend hours in the salon? Tape In hair extensions are ideal for you. The beautiful and long-lasting flat strands of human hair from GBB are quickly and easily attached to your natural hair in just a few easy steps.

We are so proud of being the first company to introduce Tape In hair extensions into the Canadian market in 2009. It has been going very well and is very popular right now across North America. The benefits of this technique are that the application is much quicker and the hair is reusable, which are the main reasons why it is becoming so popular.

Tape In hair extensions are flat strands of hair that you can glue into your natural hair. They are equipped with an adhesive strip meant for application purposes.

Due to the width of the extensions, they are perfect for thin hair as they give your thin hair more volume. The Tape In extension is not attached to the strands of your natural hair alone. Its weight is evenly distributed over a wide section of hair, which makes it suitable for even thin hair.

Why are GBB Hair Tape In extensions the best?

100% Cuticle Remy Human Hair

GBB offers the best Tape In hair extensions, which give you extra value for your money. Our reusable Tape In hair extensions are made of full cuticle Remy hair.

Permanent hair extensions should usually be removed after 2 to 6 months. Since the strands are attached to the root of your hair, they grow out after a while and the connection points become visible. Then you must either remove them completely or replace the human hair extensions. The Tape In hair extensions work differently. You will use them a second or third time, and you will still find them in near-perfect condition. All you need are new replacement tapes, which you can find under our extension accessories/extension tools section. Simply peel off the old tape, restock, reinstall, and keep using it.

Long-lasting extension tape

Our Tape In hair extensions come with stronger tape, which makes the lifespan of the hair extensions longer. So you don't have to worry your pretty head over the tapes wearing out and falling off while in use. The tape is damage-free to your hair, long-lasting, and waterproof.

Hair extensions with gentle glue

The glue and adhesive tape accompanying the Tape In hair extensions are gentle on the hair. They will only reliably glue your extensions to your scalp. Tape In hair extension glue has never damaged the hair or scalp of past users. Tape In hair extensions are lightweight and will not strain your hair strands. They simply feel lovely and give a natural mane.

Easy to maintain hair extensions

We regularly straighten, blow-dry, brush, and do other things to our natural hair. Just like your hair, our quality extension will bear all tills-pulls. Therefore, you can also treat them like your own hair. The fact that they naturally contain the hair protein keratin gives the extensions an incredibly strong foundation. You can also confidently use a straightening or curling iron on your extensions to achieve flawlessly straight or wavy hair. Of course, you should always use heat protection, just like with your hair.

To maintain Tape In hair extensions properly, don't use oily products on the roots or apply heat to the taped-in areas. To prevent tangling, you should brush your hair more frequently. You should always use a professional detangling brush.

We advise using a small amount of oil from the center to the end of the hair shaft or a leave-in conditioner to preserve the moisture in the hair extensions.

Another excellent benefit of Tape In hair extensions is that you will have more hair instantly and also add highlights without chemical treatment! Instead of bleaching your hair, just add on a few packs of Tape In hair extensions.

Achieve Different Styles Using Tape In Hair Extensions

Your hair instantly becomes more adaptable when Tape In hair extensions are applied. You can now accomplish several styling effects, like:

● Long hair,

● Highlights and lowlights

● Sleek ponytails for summer

● Wedding and party updos

Using Tape In hair extensions will enable you to experiment with a wide range of alternative hairstyles. Nobody will notice that you are wearing Tape In hair extensions because they are simple to style and effortlessly blend in with your natural hair.

Tape extensions for the perfect glossy look

Who wouldn't desire a mane that is healthy and shiny? You should use mostly human hair if you want your hair extension to appear authentic and natural. That, however, is insufficient for a shiny appearance. Any type of hair extension's flexibility is mostly influenced by the condition and quality of the real hair. For example, we exclusively use the best Remy human hair for our premium hairpieces. We always create a glossy finish and a smooth touch for your hair with our premium hair extensions, whether they are applied as bonding, tape, clips, or other extension varieties.

Care Instructions for Tape-In Hair Extensions

How do I properly care for my Tape In human hair extensions? There is hardly an extension enthusiast that doesn't bother about this. To ensure that you enjoy the tape hair extensions for a long time, we provide helpful advice and product recommendations for both your hair and the tape extensions.

How to wash Tape In hair extensions

Do not wash the hair for 24 hours after fixing the tape extensions so that the connection sites can completely harden and the adhesion is reinforced. We advise avoiding sports, saunas, swimming pools, and solariums for the first 24 hours.

After two days, wash your hair for the first time to remove the natural oils and fats that your scalp produces. Thereafter, wash your hair once or twice a week.

You can use any personal care items you like as long as they don't contain silicone, oils, or alcohol. Consider this before attaching. Even a shampoo for extensions is acceptable. We urge you to inform us if you are unsure of the care products you should use. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that the glue will hold and that the quality of the hair will not change while using products that contain alcohol, oil, and silicone. You can use silicone-based and alcohol-based products on the tips, but be careful not to get them in contact with the joints. Oils and oil-based products should never be used since they can draw hair up to the junctions and cause the tape to come loose. Oil-based products should be avoided because they can negatively alter the structure of the extensions. We disclaim responsibility for the glue and hair quality when using goods that contain oil. In general, you shouldn't maintain your extensions excessively. All you need is some shampoo, conditioner, and the occasional treatment. Dry shampoo should be avoided because it dries out extensions more quickly. Alternatively, if you choose to use the benefits of dry shampoo, we advise a workable solution but advise simply cleaning your top hair and avoiding the extensions. Avoid washing your hair upside down if you want to prevent tangling and tangles.

When swimming in chlorine, salt water, or the sauna, do not swim with your hair down. Tie it up in a ponytail and do not swim with your hair loose.

How to dry Tape In human hair extensions

Please do not rub your hair after washing; instead, it is best to knead it dry with a towel. Once it has dried, you can brush and blow dry your hair. You are welcome to let your extensions air dry, but we ask that you do not go to bed with damp hair.

Brushing Tape In human hair extensions

You should at least brush your hair once in the morning and once in the evening. However, you can brush it more frequently. Your roots come last, followed by the lengths, then the tips. With one hand, grasp the connector points. If you are careful and don't brush through the connection points so you don't tear anything out, you don't need a special extension brush.

Styling Tape In extensions

Please take care not to directly touch the connection points during styling because some styling solutions contain elements that can dissolve the processed adhesive. Without hesitation, you may use a curling iron or a straightening iron, but please take care to avoid bringing the heat-heated object up close to the connection sites because heat can cause the adhesive connections to come undone once more.

Tape In extensions coloring or tinting tips

The tape extensions can be colored and tinted, but the connection points shouldn't be altered. There are no repercussions because the connection points are hidden beneath your top hair. The distinction in color won't be seen. The tape extensions should be applied to actual hair first, then dyed or tinted hair, and finally your hair.

How to remove Tape In hair extensions

The procedure for removing tape hair extensions usually involves using a special spray or bottle of solution to weaken the tape's adhesion and remove any remaining residue from the natural hair. Some of the products used are also commonly used to remove bonded hair extensions, and it may take some time for the wefts to be completely removed from the hair. There is also a risk of damage if you pull too hard on the extensions when pulling them out. One should keep in mind that some types of tape are much weaker and much easier to remove.

Who is Tape In hair extensions for?

Our Tape In hair extensions are suitable for anyone. Whether you have straight or wavy hair or thin or sturdy hair, there are suitable tapes for each type of hair. Each tape lies invisibly on your scalp and is hardly noticeable even with thin hair.

Where to buy Tape In hair extensions

The Tape In hair extensions give you a natural look and are achieved even if you have thin hair.

You can purchase your Tape ln hair extensions and enjoy the ideal hair length and color of your dreams. In our store, you are guaranteed to find quality Tape In hair extensions and their accessories. We have ideal shades for your hair tone, whether it be platinum blonde, light blonde, dark brown, or black. It is also simple to style for an ombre appearance.

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