Tape In Extensions

14'' GBB Tape In Extensions - 4pcs per pack

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Why GBB Double-Tape Extensions:

1. Easier, Faster and Longer-lasting with 100% Cuticle Remy Hair
2. Virtually invisible – add volume, length and fantasy instantly
3. Last 2-5 Months or more with proper care and application
4. Hair extensions are reusable up to 5 times
5. Chemical Free for highlights and Ombre Hair looking,
6. Tape is water-proof

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Why GBB Double-Tape Extensions:

This New method of attaching hair extensions has brought revolutionary changes to the hair extension world! Application is astonishingly quick, it takes less than one hour to finish full head extensions, and hair extensions are reusable, that’s why this method has been dominating and becoming so popular as well. Our Double-Tape system can last much longer than any other tape system because of the waterproof tape, 100% cuticle Remy human Hair Extensions, and special application process.


1.Easier, Faster and Longer-lasting with 100% Cuticle Remy Hair

2.Virtually invisible – add volume, length and fantasy instantly 

3.Last 2-5 Months or more with proper care and application

4.Hair extensions are reusable up to 5 times

5.Chemical Free for highlights and Ombre Hair looking

6. Tape is water-proof

Installation Tips



Installation of hair extensions involves preparing the hair, applying the extensions and styling.


To properly prepare the hair for the application of hair extensions, it is suggested that the following steps be followed:

Step # 1 – Brush the Hair

Brushing the hair will help loosen any build-up of products on the hair.

Step # 2 – Shampoo the hair

Shampoo the hair using a clarifying shampoo to assure proper cleansing. It is important to shampoo the hair two times.

Step # 3 – Rinse the hair

It is very important to rinse the hair extremely well. Any residue of shampoo will cause the bonds to break down or slip from the hair.Do not use Conditioner at the root area

Step # 4 – Dry the hair

The hair must be 110% dry before hair extensions can be applied. Any moisture left in the hair will cause the bonds to break down or slip from the hair. If necessary, please straighten the hair if the hair is wavy or curly.

Step # 5 checks the condition of the hair and scalp

Thoroughly examine the client’s hair and scalp after the hair is completely dry. Assure that the client’s natural hair is at least 2’’ long. Next, check the scalp and look for irritations or allergies. Let clients know their conditions prior to applying extensions.

Step # 6 – Apply hair extensions

Applying the bond

1. Start from Nape area, first roll is one inch above the hair line, and leave 2 fingers space between the rolls.
2. Select the same amount of hair and width to match the selected hair extensions
3. Place the first piece of hair extension right under this piece of hair. Keep 1-3mm from the scalp to the top of the tape, Use tail-comb to help place the client’s hair firmly aligned on the tape, leave 1-1.5mm from edge (right; left) without hair in order to seal the tape properly
4. Place the second piece of hair extension on the top of the first one. Keep the client’s piece of hair in between. Firmly press the two pieces of the hair extension together.

Step # 7 – Style the hair

After hair extensions are fully applied, style the hair according to the client’s preferences. This is a time to be very creative, as the client will literally have a whole new look. The finished ‘product’ needs to re-confirm the client that their decision to select hair extensions was a good one.

Step # 8 – follow up appointment

Always schedule a follow-up appointment in two weeks. This will allow you to examine the bonds and how the client is maintaining their extensions. It will also allow you to make adjustments and ‘fine tune’ the application and style.

How to remove Tape Hair Extensions

1. Put GBB Keratin Bond Remover on top of the tape area, use tail comb to open the double-tapes, put more remover into the pocket, and use tail-comb to work through the whole area, Gently pull the adhesive strips apart and slide them out of the hair.

2. Repeat the step 1 untill all the tape strips have been removed.

3. Wait the remover dry, pull and roll the adhesive tape out of the strip, and place the new tape on the same side, you are ready to re-use the tape extensions

4. Shampoo the client’s hair with a clarifying shampoo and blow dry. You are now ready to begin a re-application of Hair Extensions.

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