About Us

Our Mission

Global Best Beauty Trading Ltd, as the top #1and the most trustable extension company in the world, is well-known for its superior quality, consistency of quality control, and competitive price in the hair industries. Our mission is to make human hair extensions affordable not only to celebrities but also to ordinary people who are looking for natural looking, longer and higher volume sexy hair.


In addition to offer the greatest products, we truly believe education is the cornerstone of our mission and philosophy to make your extension business growing and continued success. We offer comprehensive education systems with three options available: 3 techniques in one class - full education seminar, or you can choose any one of them.

Business opportunities

Global Best Beauty is currently seeking sales representatives and distributors in the selective market throughout the world. For more information about representation and distribution opportunities, please download our application by clicking here, or call us for direct inquiry 1-866-468-2205