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Important Things You Need to Know About Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are in vogue today in the fashion industry. Most hair fashionistas, both old and young, are in love with them. You may have heard of hair extensions before now, and like with other interesting human-interest topics, you will have questions to ask. We have researched and provided all the important information about hair extensions below.

So, if you dream of having long, full, and beautiful hair, kindly read to the end and learn how professional hair extensions will make your dream come true.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are not rocket science. Hair extensions are external strands of hair or hair tresses that are attached to your natural hair to make it longer, fuller, curlier, and beautiful. Unlike popular opinion, hair extensions are not wigs and they are not worn. These strands, which are likened to second hair, are derived from different sources, including someone's natural hair strands or artificial sources. Extensions blend in so well with your natural hair that no one can tell the difference. Hair extensions are attached to each strand of your hair using special hair extension glue like the 100% keratin bond.

What are the different types of hair extensions?

There is currently a wide range of ways to extend your hair artificially. We would like to give you an overview of the different types and their advantages and disadvantages.

Clip in extensions

With this type of hair extension, you put individual clip wefts on your head and can remove them yourself at any time. It is a very time-saving and gentle variant. Recently, there has been a new variant of the clip-in extension, the seamless clip-in extension. The clips are not sewn to the individual wefts, but a transparent, thin silicone layer is glued to the wefts. This makes it easier to blend the extensions with your hair.

Tape in extensions

The Tape In variant is probably one of the newest in the hair extension market. Adhesive strips are attached to the individual wefts, which are glued around your hair like a sandwich. You can apply them yourself (if you are experienced), but you can also have them applied by experts in many salons. The extension lasts around 6–8 weeks, after which the old tape is removed and a so-called refill tape is attached. So you can use the hair again.

weaving extension

Hair weaving is one of the most gentle methods on the market for hair lengthening and thickening. Very fine horizontal braids (cornrows) are woven into your hair along the scalp; then real hair wefts are then sewn into them. This type of hair extension lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

Micro Ring Extensions (also known as I-Tip or Cold Fusion hair extensions)

With this method, the extensions are attached using the micro rings. First, individual strands of hair are separated. Then a micro ring is threaded onto the micro ring needle and the hook of the needle is opened. Now a strand of hair is taken that is about as thick as a strand of microring extensions, and the microring is threaded using the needle. The strands of real hair extensions can be pushed into the micro ring. The micro ring can now be pressed shut with the stainless steel extension pliers. The micro rings are coated with silicone on the inside and are available in different colors. The extension lasts more than 4-6 weeks.

Bonding Extensions (also known as U-Tip or Hot Fusion hair extensions)

Bonding extensions are permanently incorporated into your hair using heat tongs and wax. The method is also called hot fusion, nail hair extensions, keratin strands, wax extensions, keratin extensions, and I or U-tip extensions. The extension lasts 3-6 months.

Halo Extensions/Flip On Extensions

With halo extensions or flip-on extensions, you only need a hair piece, which is attached to the hair in a few seconds. The tress is simply placed over the head and then your hair has to be pulled over the base with a tail comb.

Which hair extensions are the best?

There are no bad or better hair extensions. Your hairstylist may only check your hair texture and type to recommend the most suitable hair extension for you. However, you must first confirm that the hair extensions are natural. Natural human hair is typically used to make hair extensions. There are synthetic ones as well, but there aren't many since you can't heat style your hair with those.

Hair extensions for thin hair

Do you have thin hair? If so, it's crucial to understand how to pick the best hair extensions for thin hair. The right choice makes you look gorgeous and prevents damage to your natural hair strands.

Thin hair has only a few extensions that are appropriate for them. Because of this, many people think that thin hair and extensions don't mix.

The problem is that strands that are delicate and thin can't support much weight. Your natural hair is consequently damaged or possibly lost as a result.

However, selecting the right hair extension for thin hair and fixing it correctly ensures that you enjoy the beauty that hair extensions give.

A professional hairstylist will help you choose the right hair extensions for your thin hair, and also take the following precautions while fixing them.

Avoid the use of too many bonds.

Your hairstylist will use microbonds on your thin hair. Like other bonds, microbonds also create an illusion that conceals hair extensions for thin hair, so no one will know you are using them.

Use suitable hair extensions

Your hair stylist will avoid unsuitable hair extensions, especially ones that are thicker than your natural. Thicker hair with a more solid structure will stand out from the rest of your natural hair and put too much strain on the roots.

Fix a few, but enough hair extensions

Your stylist will not put too many strands in your thin hair. Even when the structure of the hair is suitable, too much of it makes its weight too heavy. A large weight weakens the hair roots in this situation and causes hair fallout.

How to remove hair extensions

Have you gotten tired of your extension hair? Do you desire a change or want to give your hair a break? Well, you don't always have to go to the hairdresser for it. We will explain all the important DIY approaches to assist you in removing your extensions correctly.

How to remove hair extensions by yourself

Even if the extensions have been used by the hairdresser, you can easily remove the hair extensions yourself with a few tips. Depending on the method used, the difficulty of removing the strands varies.

A good time to remove hair extensions is when the extensions have grown out a few inches, hence when the junctions need to be raised. Due to natural hair growth, hair grows about one centimeter a month. The bonding of the extensions will therefore be visible after two months. Due to the growth of the hair and the natural hair loss, the connection points also loosen and the extensions lack support. A person sheds around 70 to 100 hairs a day. Since high-quality human hair extensions can often be used several times, care should be taken when removing the extensions so as not to damage the hair. Even if you no longer want an extension, the hair extensions can be stored well and used again after a while.

You can often read tips on the Internet on how to remove hair extensions with home remedies. Such advice should be treated with caution, however. Good solvents such as schnapps and nail polish removing agents damage not only the hair extensions but also your hair. Since the hairstyle is an important part of the first impression, it is better not to save in the wrong corner. Such experiments can quickly go wrong. We will explain how to remove your extensions most gently.

Remove clip-in extensions

Since clip-in extensions are not permanent hair extensions, they are also the easiest to remove. Clip-ins are only worn during the day and on special occasions. In the evening, the clips can simply be opened again and the hair extensions can be taken out. You can find the uncomplicated, clip-in human hair extensions here in our online shop.

Remove bonding

Bonds are usually attached to the hair with keratin, which is connected using heat tongs or an ultrasonic connector. One advantage of bonding extensions is that they last a long time. They only have to be renewed every four to six months. To remove the bonding extensions, the connections must first be broken open with pliers. This works particularly well with bonding forceps for extensions.

The keratin bonding can be easily removed with a special bonding solvent. The liquid makes the keratin brittle and the bonds soft. To then remove the strands of hair from your hair, it is best to use a tail comb. With a special cleaning shampoo, you can loosen the keratin residues of the bonding extensions and wash them out of your hair.

Remove the tape extensions

Tape-in extensions last about 6 to 8 weeks and are attached to the hair with adhesive strips. If you want to remove adhesive extensions, a tape solvent is required. Simply spray the liquid onto the tape strips. After exposure, the hair extension should be easy to remove from your hair. To gently remove tape extensions, you should not pull too hard on the hair pieces. This can damage both your hair and the extensions.

Remove the micro rings

Micro ring extensions are attached to your hair with small rings. It is one of the cold methods, as the microrings are simply pressed together with pliers to attach them. This means that no heat is required for the ring-in extensions. To remove micro ring extensions, all you have to do is break open the connections with pliers.

Take out wefts

In so-called hair weaving, wefts of hair are attached to small braided cornrows by sewing them together with a needle and thread. Due to natural hair growth, the cornrows loosen over time and the strands of hair have to be removed or braided again. To remove weaving extensions, simply loosen the thread and pull out the hair pieces. The cornrows are then opened and combed out.

Remove extensions with oil

One often reads on the Internet that extensions can also be removed with oil. As every extension wearer knows, care products containing oil should not come into contact with the hairline; otherwise, the extensions could lose their hold and slip out. So the idea of getting rid of hair extensions in this way is obvious. Since many connection points are sensitive when they come into contact with oil, you should only use this if you no longer want to use the hair extension afterward. Although soaking in oil can make the bonds easier to pull out after a very long time, there is a high probability that keratin residues will get stuck in the hair and cannot be completely removed. With good bond remover oil, you can remove the bond relatively quickly and safely. The longer you "tinker" with your hair, the more likely it is to damage your hair from the exertion. You will find all the necessary tools for the gentle removal of your extensions in online shops.

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